Note: YIMBYism (short for Yes In My Backyard) has emerged as a movement to counter NIMBY anti-housing politics that have been the status quo in many areas for decades. This essay presents the case for pro-housing, YIMBY policies from a progressive lens.

The Housing Shortage is Real

There is a real, significant, housing shortage in many parts of the country. While major coastal cities like New York, Boston, DC, SF, and LA are typically the face of the housing shortage, the reality is that those cities are exporting their housing shortage across the country to places like Fresno, Montana, and Texas. It shouldn’t be a…

Note: This article provides the conclusion to the story of 1846 Grove Street. For more background on how we got here, read the prior post about this project here.

In 2016, Architect Troy Kashanipour, and two partners (a San Francisco based home-builder and a San Francisco small business owner) purchased a vacant lot (1846 Grove St.) at the intersection of Grove and Masonic, close to the exact center of San Francisco. The lot had been vacant for decades, despite the location and easy access to the rest of the city (a 25 minute bus ride to downtown). …

Everyone is following the presidential election, but there are a lot of other important things to vote on, particularly at the local level. Here are my thoughts.

Background: I’ve been following the races and ballot measures in California (particularly those SF, LA, and SD) and in Maryland/Washington D.C. pretty closely, so that’s what I will be focusing on. Also, I am approaching each race from that of a pragmatic progressive — I care more about the real-world impacts of policies than the ideology behind them. If you’re a Trump supporter, you probably won’t find this guide very valuable. But hey…

The current vacant lot at 1846 Grove

Update: this project has been further delayed for five weeks, and the Board of Supervisors will now be hearing it on September 29th. Please continue emailing your supervisor in support of the project and mark September 29th on your calendar to call into public comment!

Where exactly does “missing middle” housing get lost in San Francisco? Let me tell you the story of almost five years of process, and the housing that a self-identified “progressive” Supervisor is holding hostage.

In 2016, Troy Kashanipour, an architect, and two partners (a home-builder and a small…

Sam Deutsch

Renter in SF, Housing/Transit Advocate

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